If the wheel stops on the sector “BAR”, the player is immediately transported to the bar, where the robot bartender is in charge. You choose the color of the cocktail and wait for the robot to make it for you. In total the bartender fills three glasses, each of which has its own additional multipliers to the payout. In order for players to make considered bets, it is necessary to understand the chances of winning at Funky Time. The odds can vary depending on the selected sector on the wheel. Here is a table showing the corresponding odds for each of the sectors. Some of the bonus games could really work as standalone betting games in their own right.

While that challenge hasn’t been replicated, the concept of the dance floor and its moves have. The Disco Bonus rounds are reminiscent of the Disco Dancing Arcade machines, where you battle with your friends to complete complex dance moves on a 3×3 dance floor. The balls continue to be drawn until four Stop Balls have been picked, thus losing all the lives.

Dizgo w/ Barefuzz, Riding Carpets

Among the selection are crowd-pleasers like Electro Reels, Reel Fortune and Blackjack, as well as the latest highly anticipated addition, Crown Heist. The Nordic gaming company Paf has released a new online game called Sauna Vikings. The new game has been entirely produced in-house by Paf Games Studio.

Funky Time is sure to provide a fun and entertaining experience, whether you’re an experienced player or new to the casino world. The 4 bonus games are quite well-designed and offer fast-paced action with great payouts, especially Stayin’ Alive. We would have just liked to see higher RTP values than 95.99%. Other than that, this is a great new live gameshow experience and you can try it out on our recommended Evolution casinos. Once the betting phase is over, the host will generate multipliers and assign them to random spots on the cash-wheel. It will then spin and you win if it lands on one of your chosen segments.

funky time slot show

The game features a one-of-a-kind DigiWheel and a different set of bonus rounds, including BAR, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco. While gameplay isn’t available on our website, you can still observe the game as you enjoy the live experience while we wait for Funky Time live statistics. Like other Evolution Gaming games, including the popular Crazy Time, this one lacks a demo version. All the action takes place live with live presenters, making it impossible to make a demo. But don’t feel bad, you can follow the live action and stats at any time, even without betting.

The odds of winning:

In terms of mechanics the random multipliers combined with the 4 bonus games keep things interesting and every spin unique. One of the standout features of Funky Time is the different bonuses that are available to players. These bonuses offer players the chance to win large sums of money, with the VIP discotheque bonus offering the potential for players to win up to 1500 times the amount they have wagered. However, players should be aware that the odds of winning will vary depending on their chosen betting area. Each of the bonuses has its own unique features and rewards that can keep the player entertained and increase their winnings with large multipliers .

funky time slot show

With disco music, glitter balls and flare-wearing game presenters, you’ll be transported back in time to re-live the sights and sounds of the 70s. Our customer service is very experienced when it comes to international online casinos and they are of course experts in HappySlots.io and everything our casino includes. HappySlots.io is of course also designed for mobile games and if you prefer to play from your smartphone or tablet can rely on our mobile casino experience being up to date. In our opinion, it is the combination of these three well-polished gaming platforms that makes HappySlots.io one of europes best online casinos. The Simpsons has aired in the slot twice, with both airings being paired with the premieres of animated sitcoms (Family Guy in 1999, and American Dad! in 2005). The minimum bet is 0.1 euros, and the maximum bet depends on the online casino you choose. The game will give you great emotions from the process and the joy of winning, no matter whether you are a beginner or an active gambling player.

The core of the game revolves around a captivating feature called the spinning DigiWheel, or a money wheel if you like. In each round, this wheel generates a multitude of random multipliers, capable of amplifying funky time live game winnings across numbers, letters, and bonus games. Set to launch later this month, it is themed around a vibrant ‘70s disco vibe, featuring the ground-breaking DigiWheel able to generate massive payouts.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a fun and funky casino experience, Funky Time is definitely worth a try. It’s easy to see why the game has become a fan favorite, with its energetic atmosphere and potential for big wins. Whether you’re a fan of live casino games or just looking for something new and exciting to try, Funky Time is a game that is well worth checking out. The Stayin’ Alive bonus is thrilling as well, and we like how players are grouped into different teams.

Funky Time Live Game Features & How to Play

Remember, the multipliers on the ladders could be increased if there was a qualifying multiplier on the bonus segment on the Digiwheel. In that case, all multipliers will be multiplied by that amount at the start of the game round. I’d say it’s more suited to people who enjoy playing Slots more than table games. The main reason is the heavy use of RNG during the game and the lack of proper decision-making by the players. If I were to describe the game, I’d say it’s a cross between Roulette and a slot with many Bonus rounds.

Disco Bonus in Funky Time

The Number 1 bet is the most common one followed by letters that spell out PLAY, FUNK, and TIME twice each. You can place as many bets as you want, including on the bonuses, and you win if the wheel lands on one. Each of the Bar, Stayin’ Alive, and the two Disco bonus rounds all add an expected element of fun and, of course, a chance of scooping the big payouts this game offers.

Funky Time is the latest iteration of the game show genre from Evolution Gaming, driven by their proprietary Digiwheel technology that they acquired in 2021. This cutting-edge tech has already been used to create top-notch games like Monopoly Live, Monopoly Big Baller, and the highly popular Crazy Time. However, Evolution is pushing the limits of live gaming to new heights with Funky Time, a 70s-inspired game that features a 64-segment prize wheel and four dazzling bonus rounds. Players can expect an even more thrilling experience with increased betting options and the potential for higher rewards.

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